Shri Babaji: The calamities, which are coining to this world, are unavoidable! There is no one in this world to stop it.
Little time is left before you shall see the new world. Everyone must become spiritually strong and courageous.
Only he who has strong determination to do good acts and who is strongly devoted to God can survive this destruction.


Nityananda Atman. I was born in Greece. I graduated in Physical Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specializing in tennis.  I worked in the public education of Greece for 22 years (In primary schools, High schools and the Democritus University of Thrace). I worked also as a tennis trainer.

SELF-KNOWLEDGE and YOGA: I teach yoga and self-knowledge. I am a lover of Advaita Vedanta (Nonduality), Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. I research and study human psychology, self-awareness and yoga since my student years (1981) and I have devoted systematically to them since 1992.

HEALING: I am dedicated to natural and alternative therapies since 1997. I am a Reiki Master healer, practitioner of Bach flowers, geopatólogo and I do also pranic healing. I have a basic knowledge of Ayurveda (traditional natural healing of India) and follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle. 
LIFE STYLE: I dedicate my time to self-enquiry, reflection, meditation, yoga and the study of spiritual books and philosophy. I love sacred music from various traditions (Buddhism, sufi, Hinduism, Christianity, etc). I am very pleased to visit sacred places with positive vibrations and stay in nature. I like also cooking and dancing.

Now I live in Barcelona

Peace love harmony