Shri Babaji: The calamities, which are coining to this world, are unavoidable! There is no one in this world to stop it.
Little time is left before you shall see the new world. Everyone must become spiritually strong and courageous.
Only he who has strong determination to do good acts and who is strongly devoted to God can survive this destruction.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Samael Aun Weor interview about 2012, the end of the World and the Prophecies of Maya

Samael Aun Weor interview about 2012,  the end of the World 
and the Prophecies of Maya

 QuestionMaster Samael Aun Weor: why has there been so much emphasis inthe year 1999? Even you mentioned it as you talked about Count Saint Germain. Nostradamus also mentions it as a year that will be “decisive for humanity”. What could you tell us about it?

Answer of Master Samael Aun Weor :  1999 is a significant date. Nostradamus identifies 1999 as the year of the great catastrophe. He assures “a terrible king will assault Paris from the skies”. He refers, without a doubt, to Hercolubus, and “Parisis deeply symbolical. He refers to our planet Earth in general.

Nostradamus said “Earth will appear as if it were forced out of its orbit” (referring to that year) and that there would be “great darkness”. Without a doubt he refers to an eclipse. Obviously, as Hercolubus falls between the Earth and the Sun, an eclipse has to happen. Everyone, all students who have read his “Centurias” await the date. However, the Mayans affirm that only during the KATUN 13 will come that great catastrophe, and they await that to happen during the year 2043.

As you can see, there are two concepts in question; one is from Michael de Nostradamus and the other from the Mayans of the Yucatan Peninsula. I personally believe this can all happen during the KATUN 13. I stand behind theMayans.

Question: When it is spoken of the year 2.500 as the year in which the present fifth race will be finished, have we take it as a symbolic number or is it due to any chronology?

Answer of Master Samael Aun Weor : It is symbolic, and for that reason we have mentioned it in the "Secret Doctrine of Anahuac". It is a symbolic date which coincides with the moment in which the seventh seal of Saint John's Apocalypse is torn. It means that the seventh seal is torn because 5 plus 2 is seven. The humanity has torn 6 seals till the present moment, the it has to tear the seventh seal and it is said, symbolically, that it is the year 2.500, but it has not to be taken literally, no.

The beginning of the definitive catastrophe is in the year 2.043 because the Thirteenth Katun (on the Mayans) starts in 2.043. It is written and all the wise men of the mayas know it.

I asked an old Maya man from Palenque: "Will your son see it?" and then the old man answered: "No, my son will not see it." "Will your grandson see it?" He answered: "My grandson will see it."

The Thirteenth Katun, as with the other twelve Katuns will be accomplished to the letter. Each one of the twelve Katuns has been exact, none has failed.

 The Thirteenth Katun will start between 2.040 and 2.043, more or less, that is what the Mayans say.

Question: In the year 2.043?

Answer of Master Samael Aun Weor :  Yes, between 2.040 and 2.043 the thirteenth Katun starts. We are in the twelfth Katun, we haven't reached the thirteenth yet. During the thirteenth Katun comes the maximum closeness of Hercolubus. It is clear that, when approaching in an exaggerated way our planet, it will cause catastrophes because it is a very big planet, many thousands, almost millions of times, bigger than the Earth.

It is a monster, w ich as approaching our orbit, at the rate, so exaggeratedly, that is doing, it will turn over the Earth completely. The Earth will not resist it. But before the catastrophe happens, before turning it over, with its magnetic power, Hercolubus will attract the liquid fire which is in the interior of the Earth. This liquid fire, when coming to the surface, spreads over the terrestrial crust and burns it totally; nothing will be left without being burnt, it burns everything.

So that, everything being burnt, the whole of humanity will perish. It will be the day of the great universal fire,  prophesied
by Michael of Nostradamus,
by Peter the Apostle, when he said: "The elements, burning, will be destroyed, and the Earth and all the works which are on it, will be burnt;"
by Jesus of Nazareth in his prophetic sermon;
 by the Mayans in their thirteenth Katun;
by the Nahuatls when they say that the sons of the fifth sun will perish by means of fire and earthquakes.Say, it is prophesied again and again by everybody (there is a lot of documentation on it) that all the terrestrial crust will be burnt totally, that none will survive.

The pole swift

Download the book Hercolubus.pdf in ENGLISH
Now, at the maximum of Hercolubus' closeness it will cause a revolution of Earth's axis.

There is, then, a complete movement, the poles will become the equator and vice-versa.
The Earth will turn somersaults, it will be something terrible.An extraterrestrial said that if they blow up Hercolubus (they have the methods and the could do it) the catastrophe could be so terrible that it would destroy all this solar system. You can see how big Hercolubus is.

Question: What will happen with the submerged circles of the infernal worlds when this scenario emerges, will they be cleaned or will they continue as they are now?

Answer of Master Samael Aun Weor :  The nine dantesque circles, the Tartarus, Pluto's kingdom, will continue exactly. It is clear that all these millions of people who presently live on earth's surface will enter in the submerged involution of the infernal worlds, they will involute in the time and they will disintegrate the ego through a long period of years. So, when a person disintegrates the ego in the infernal worlds, when that person passes through the Second Death, then the Essence comes to the sunlight, reemerge pure and innocent to evolve in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, till it reconquers the human state which it lost before.

All these millions of human beings who populate Earth's crust will enter to the infernal worlds, they will involute in time to re- initiate new evolving processes which will start from the mineral, will continue in the vegetable and the animal till reaching the human state which was lost before Reaching the human state all these Essences (returned in human bodies) will form the peoples of the Golden Age, which will be an innocent and pure humanity. So, in the Golden Age humanity will emerge from the hands of its creator completely innocent and totally pure.

Who will survive

The ones who work on themselves are really trustworthy people, they will be the people that we can trust to, that is the crude reality of the facts!

On that island, the survivors will wait for some centuries among the steam, because by those days the Earth will be wrapped by fire and steam. There they will wait for the new lands to emerge from the bottom of the ocean, that the new scenario of the sixth rootrace, because due to the revolution of Earth's axis the present seas will be displaced and the present continents will be submerged. Then, it will be necessary to wait for the new lands and heavens to emerge from the bottom of the seas (as Paul of Tarsus said and that is true), where the sixth root-race will live.

Now, to live on these lands which will emerge from the bottom of the seas, will be only possible for those who have destroyed the ego definitely.

If somebody, even though being very intelligent, has not disintegrated the go one hundred per cent, he will not be given a body in the Golden Age, because anybody who hasn't reconquered the innocence in the mind and in the heart, will not have a physical body in the Golden Age.

 The Golden Age is for pure, innocent people.
Question:  Master: you are making me reflect in issues I have always wondered… for example, much has been said about the secrets contained within the Great Pyramid in Egypt where stellar dates were engraved for the times of our  umanity. Nostradamus also cites these dates and eventsthat are  to come. My question is, does history repeats itself or is it that men are able to predict their future?contained within the Great Pyramid in Egypt where stellar dates were engraved for the times of our humanity. Nostradamus also cites these dates and events that are to come. My question is, does history repeats itself or is it that
men are able to predict their future?

Answer of Master Samael Aun Weor :   The Great Pyramid is marvelous. All measurements in the Great Pyramid are prophetic. In the Great Pyramid was prophesized, with entire clarity, the Second World War that took place between the years 1939 and 1945. World War I was also prophesized and that took place between 1914 and 1948. The great catastrophe that approaches is also prophesized, and we are close to that one.

Let’s remember the Mayans, who are not as ignorant as some people think. They had great knowingness on subjects like astronomy, and they still do.

At this time, they await the great catastrophe of “KATUN-13”.

The Mayan KATUN is a precisely defined historical cycle. The previous 12 were met with mathematical exactitude and the next one, the 13th, states there will be a great catastrophe that will change the geological physiognomy of our planet. It is obvious that if such an event happens, disaster will strike humanity and this race will be extinguished in its entirety. However, I believe a small group will be saved. After every catastrophe, there are survivors. Why wouldn’t it happen now?

We know there is a gigantic, colossal world that is on its way to our planet Earth. I refer to the TYLER Solar System. The TYLER Solar System has a huge orbit. By the end of the Lemur Epoch it arrived leading the Lemur continent to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. After 10,000 years of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes the vast continent disappeared. Parts of that continent still remain, namely Australia and the Easter Island, off the coast of Chile.

By the end of the Atlantis race, a revolution of the Earth’s axes took place. Oceans changed their beds and swallowed the continent with its powerful civilization… and it comes again. It will bring with it a great catastrophe.

I am talking about BARNARD-I or HERCOLUBUS. What I am talking about has been documented. In our Institute we have a cosmological map, not traced by us, but by Astronomical Observatories – it is an official map. In it has been drawn what will cause this great catastrophe. HERCOLUBUS is a world six times bigger than Jupiter, thousands of times bigger than Earth and it is moving towards our orbit. Once at a certain distance, it will draw the liquid fire from within the earth. Volcanoes will erupteverywhere and that liquid fire will burn everything on its path.

Once at its closest distance, HERCOLUBUS or BARNARD-I – as known these days – will once again cause the revolution of the Earth’s axes, similar to what happened to Atlantis. The poles will revert position and they will mark the Equator and the Equator will mark the Poles. The seas change their beds and our current continents will submerge under the oceans. We’re close to the end of our Arian Race. Without a doubt, new continents will rise from the bottom of the seas.

I do not think all of humanity will perish. Obviously there must be survivors and there will be. There will be a small group of humans that will become the nucleus for a future race.

But think for a moment that a great catastrophe is coming, that it is in the very same Astronomical Observatories that the map has been traced – this  is official. If it has not been made public, it is because governments have censored the subject, trying to avoid panic, but this is official.

This is known to the Mayans. While I spent time with them, I asked an elder:
Will your son see this?”
My son will not see this” he replied.
And your grandson… will he see this?”
Yes, my grandson will see it” he said.
The Mayans are wise, to the full extent of the word. Those who dare to say they are ignorant, is because they don’t know anything about anthropology.

Peace  love  harmony